Awards | Distinciones

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Letter of Appreciation in recognition contributions made as invited speaker and outstanding lecturer. Lecture titled: “Endoscopic approaches in lumbar degenerative diseases and the evolution of the spine and its impact on modern human life.” Cartagena – Colombia. Septiembre 8-10, 2014.

Letter of Appreciation. 50th Annual Meeting of the Korean Neurosurgical Society. Chungdam Wooridul Hospital Group. For excellent lecture: C1-C2 instability Minimal Invasive Fixation (new procedure).
Seoul, Korea. 15/10

Gokaldas Modha Memorial Rajkot Neuro Club Oration.
Rajkot, India. 28/09

Comenda Estrela da Educacao e Cultura. Academia Brasileira de Neurocirurgia. ABNc.

Honor Mention, Merit to Democracy. Given for the 2nd Permanent Constitutional Commission, External Relations, External Trade, National Defense, National Security and Senate of Republic of Colombia.

Ad-honorem Advisor of the National Health Institute.

Honor of Mention at the III National Congress of resident Physicians of Neurological Sciences. “Santiago Ramón y Cajal”. Author Osorio E.
Paipa – Colombia

3rd Prize at the III National Congress of Resident Physicians in Neurological Sciencies. “Aracnoiditis”.
Paipa – Colombia.

1st Prize In the II National Contest of Medical  works: “Vaculitis Necrotizantes”
Authors: Iglesias A., Mendez O., Valle R., Osorio E.

3rd Prize In the Contest “CHARLES DEBRAY”: “Diarreas Endocrinas”.
Authors: Iglesias A., Mendez O., Hernandez C., Osorio E.

3rd Prize In The II National Contest of Medical works : “Ofidiotoxicosis en Colombia”. Authors: Iglesias A., Osorio E., Mendez O., Guzmán A.C.




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