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Professor Enrique Osorio, MD, is a neurosurgeon with strong expertise in:

-Tumors that affect the central nervous system–pituitary gland, cranium base, intra-      cerebral, etc.

-Minimally invasive spine surgery–endoscopic and radio-frequency technology.

-Surgical pain treatment (facial pain, trigeminal neuralagia, chronic and  neuropathic pain).

-Central nervous system transplants on post-traumatic spinal chord lesions.

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Profesor Enrique Osorio, MD, es neurocirujano con mayor experiencia en:

– Tumores que afectan el sistema nervioso central–tumores de hipófisis, de base de craneo, intracerebrales, etc.

– Cirugía mínimamente invasiva de columna vertebral–endoscopia, radiofrecuencia.

-Tratamiento quirúrgico del dolor (dolor facial, neuralgia del trigémino, dolor crónico y neuropatico).

-Trasplantes al sistema nervioso central en lesiones medulares postraumáticas.


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